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actual not-commonly-available-plants shipping schedule
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Autor:  Michal Parvanov [ 05 Dec 2017, 11:51 ]
Predmet príspevku:  actual not-commonly-available-plants shipping schedule

presumption; actualized: 11-th september 2023

Salvia divinorum - small and also big pieces available. if you are on waiting list, please check your email (incl. spam folder). if no message about availability there, please write us (maybe some mistake, forgotten, etc..)

Banisteriopsis caapii - few pieces available

Calea zacatechichi - few plants available, both offered sizes

Catha edulis - few plants available

Mimosa pudica - not available.

Psychotria carthaginensis - very limited amount available, all sizes. no further propagation of this species planned in the future, so very last pieces available.

Psychotria viridis - limited amount available. more sizes. when sold, there will be some time of unavailability of this species.

Tabernanthe iboga - finally available after very long time, last 2 pieces, when sold, no availability planned for long time.

Turnera diffusa - not available long time.

Wollemia nobilis - for next season there will be 0 pieces left probably.

Interested in these species? If no individual available, you should be listed in one of our waiting lists first - write email, please !

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